Concierge Services

Individual Care

Jessica Anaya, as a Nurse Practitioner, provides a diverse range of health care services as part of the concierge medicine Fee schedule and membership plan including:

Comprehensive annual executive physicals
Sports Physicals in the comfort of your own home
Extensive, unrushed patient visits on an as-needed basis. Spend as much time as you need with the doctor. Visits are scheduled for 45-90 minutes.
Management of overall health issues
Same-day or next-day sick appointments
In-depth health research
Thorough customized treatment plans in which the patient actively participates and has an opinion
Personalized health and lifestyle advice

Staying Healthy

Our primary focus in concierge medicine is to help you stay healthy with preventive and anti-aging medicine. However, she also offers customized health management services for a wide range of chronic conditions, including:

High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Hormonal imbalances
Thyroid dysfunction
Urgent / Sick Visits


Cosmetic Services including Dermal Filler and
Dysport Botox injections

Membership and Recurring Services

Concierge services

Schedule a call to determine the schedule that best serves you. 

Scheduled Health Checks
Medication and Sympton Management
Experienced and Personalized Care
Specific Condition Care
Condition or Long-Term